Here is a general list of the tools that you will need for installing the Bafang mid-drive motor kits on a standard bike.

The hardest part of the installation process is removing your bike's existing parts, such as your bike's bottom bracket.

To remove the necessary parts from your bike for installation of the BBS02/BBSHD, you will the following tools:

1. A 15mm wrench or pedal wrench to remove your bike's pedals.

2. The appropriate bottom bracket tool to remove your specific bike's bottom bracket

3. Allen wrench(es)/screwdriver to remove your brake levers, rear derailleur, and chainring.

4. A chain tool to remove your bike's chain.

To install the BBS02/BBSHD on your bike, you will need the following tools:

1. The Bafang Wrench Installation Tool (designed to fit the Bafang lockrings perfectly) to make tightening the lockrings easy peasy! Or you can use a standard spanner wrench, which can get the job done but is a little tricky and more difficult to use with unique Bafang lockrings.

2. Allen wrench(es) and a Phillip's head screwdriver to tighten the crank arms, sprocket, display, throttle and brake levers.

3. There is new updated magnet and screw, which requires A T20 torque security bit to secure the magnet secure.

These are the tools that you will need for installation on a standard bike. If you have a specialty bike and/or specialty bike parts, you may need additional tools.

If you are not very DIY-savvy or do not have access to the necessary tools, we recommend taking the motor kit to a local bike shop to have them install it for a fee.

Feel free to purchase any additional tools if you want to – this is your install party and you can use the tools you want! 

For more information regarding the installation process please watch our Bafang Mid-Drive Installation Video and look through the resources on our Installation Page.

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