The range you can expect with your BBS02/BBSHD motor depends on which battery you pair the motor with.

❗️The most important factor that determines a battery's range is the amp hour (Ah) capacity. The larger the amp hour rating of a battery, the greater distance you will be able to ride.Β 

For example: Our 48V 17.5Ah battery will provide greater range than our 48V 11.6Ah (since 17.5Ah > 11.6Ah)

Now for some range estimates:

These are theoretical calculations and real life mileage will vary based on many factors as described below.Β 

Additionally, the range you can achieve from a battery depends on many other factors:

  • Rider Weight
  • Power Assist Level (higher assist levels will consume battery life faster)
  • Extent of pedaling with motor (the more you pedal with the more will provide a greater increase in range
  • Terrain (rough or hilly terrain requires the consumption of more battery power)
  • Weather factors (wind, extreme temperatures, etc.)
  • Poor Bike Maintenance (Under inflated tires, a dirty chain, mis-adjusted brakes, etc., can decrease range
  • Extra Load (carrying extra weight on the bike or in a backpack will consume battery life faster)
  • Throttle use-age (using the throttle frequently will quickly consume battery life)
  • Gearing (proper gear usage and taking full advantage of the available gear will significantly increase range)

We always recommend using the SOC view on the DPC-18 display to best determine the battery capacity. Attached are reference tables for 48V and 52V batteries relating voltage to battery capacity:

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