The short answer: fast. 

No, really, though. The 750W BBS02 is the fastest street legal kit available in the United States. Paired with our 52T sprocket and the mechanical advantage of a rear gear cassette these motor kits can typically achieve speed of 30+ mph (depending on your unique setup). 

The BBSHD 1000W motor kit is SERIOUSLY FAST! Wheelies and speeds of over 35-40mph are possible with this motor (depending on your unique setup). 

The top speed that you can achieve with the BBS02/BBSHD motor kits on your specific bike setup depends on many factors: front sprocket size, rider weight, weather, terrain, whether you are pedaling with the motor or not, wheel size, etc. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee or tell you what speed you will be able to achieve as it depends on a combination of many specific factors that are unique to you as the rider and your specific bike setup.

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